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past tense: opined; past participle: opined
  1. hold and state as one’s opinion.
    ““The man is a genius,” he opined”
    synonyms: suggest, say, declare, observe, comment, remark, submit, put forward;

    contend, be convinced;
    think, believe, consider, maintain, be of the opinion, imagine, reckon, guess, assume, presume, take it, suppose, reason;
    “he opined that a relaxed dress code was inconsistent with the club’s image”

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5:14 AM #X #XYZ
Friday, May 12, 2017 (PDT)

Time in Henderson, NV   89074 <>

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<>BestTip (BT) Don’t sell your soul on your way to reaching your goals.~KK

<∇>  “And for the record¦ ‘I like Richard Branson”

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#DontSpeak #Antitrust #Restraining Order ie∇ei..Ψ-e-/. RICO Act./violation./elimination.
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?The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply √∞RICO∇Δ, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil …Wikipedia
Statutes at Large: 84 Stat. 922-3 aka 84 Stat. 941
U.S.C. sections created: 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961–1968
Enacted by: the 91st United States Congress
Effective: October 15, 1970
Long title: An Act relating to the control of organized crime in the United States
Titles amended: 18 U.S.C.: Crimes and Criminal Procedure
About 691,000,000 results (1.06 seconds) Search Results Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act – Wikipedia
Synkable/Observation (Y) √∞° Μr. KL©CKE¹²³ ∈∋ ∞°∑Δ_pyramid_scheme (Y)                      (Antitrust) ck_it√∞ /No revolution/means of operation/law./lawless?

Ken Klocke on Twitter: “©>>~∈THESIS∋~> ≡ Report123 easy …

Human Rights and Armed Conflict. It is often during armed conflicts that human rightsare infringed upon the most. … A distinction is generally made between the law designed to protect military and civilian victims of armed conflicts on the one hand, and the laws governing the way war is waged, on the other.



USP Leavenworth – Federal Bureau of Prisons Why? /how?

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Jul 23, 2015 – Ken Klocke · @GotTeam. Everything is possible! Let’s get started (702) 533-8587. LAS VEGAS, NV. Joined March 2009 …

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A compass rose, sometimes called a windrose, or Rose of the Winds, is a figure on a compass, map, nautical chart, or monument used to display the orientation of the cardinal directions: North, East, South, and West—and their intermediate points.

Compass rose – Wikipedia    ~⌈⌋~  ~Õ~ Mm/AE_/ie/EC_eventchain ∞º
Intermediate points between the four cardinal directions form thepoints of the compass. The intermediate (intercardinal, or ordinal) directions are northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW), and northwest (NW).
Intermediate points between the four cardinal directions form thepoints of the compass. The intermediate (intercardinal, or ordinal) directions are northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW), and northwest (NW).

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I was involved with “Melaleuca, Inc. for Sixteen years… a few of them actually weren’t bad. And, we enjoyed using many of the products. However, as the years went by…. it became very scheme-ish. I believe Melaleuca, Inc. Is a, Senseless, MLM, Pyramid°º _-_ Scheme. ~•~∞≈~> =endless∞chain/PyramidSchame Study/ expansion.— ? I believe so./ThinkBeforeYou

*ConsumerProtection  *ProtectingVeteransRights  *TruthInAdvertising

ºp- Melaleuca politics:
º… (Alan D. Pariser /Presents/ AWU)

Go sell your dream! ~KK

Melaleuca, Inc’s  $24+MILLION dollar + Mela_Shill “Alan D.Pariser” Terminated me with a phone call.  Then, Alan Pariser-  threatened me with a restraining order- if I exposed his threats and/or talk.  Shorty after, A.P. cheated me, he.. Alan Pariser, received a three hundred thousand dollar+ shillª bonus… ($ 300,000.00)

[ I believe I was outed from this cultish MLM/ for being a _Non Compliance ¹Whistleblower_ Meaning: I exposed Melaleuca, Inc’s true-endless-chain… fraud… As I See It.]

KK© 10:08 AM
Saturday, July 30, 2016 (PDT)
Time in Henderson, NV

#DeniedDueProcess #MLM #Antitrust #DOJ #RicoConcerns
#Caselaw  ¶… ¶

Rinse, lather, Repeat… . MLM/ FTC/ Pyramids/ Endless Chains.  “Respectfully.”
ºMelaleuca Vitality Multivitamin Review – Multivitamin Guide

Don’t buy Melaleuca Vitality multivitamins before you read our expert review, which shows you howMelaleuca Vitality compares to other popular multivitamin …

ºº LGBT+issues/…

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill  ~[][][]~

*I pray for federal Protections= as well as swift- intervention, and restructuring of this “NoRecruitNoPay” MLM/pramid scheme & societal_-_Menace.

*Clue__… /slippage/skim 8/80+m?  S.O.S. #FTC #How? #DoJ #FBI
*Melaleuca Health Claims Database | Truth In Advertising

Ad or Not? Melaleuca’s Bright and Shiny BBB Page | Truth In Advertising

Feb 4, 2016 – By several measures, the Melaleuca BBB page more resembles the … all complaints regarding the independent marketing executives and the …

Nov 1, 2016 – investigation reveals illegal health claims used to market MLM supplements.

¹=The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …
First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free …

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      any of a number of distinct but interrelated units from which a program may be built up or into which a complex activity may be analyzed.
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      Humble Business?/laughable! <> <>

    Apr 23 (1 day ago)

    to the Universe/space  ~e~
    All Rights Reserved
     Hi Ken,

    Thanks for alerting us to this ad. We will be in touch if we are able to use your tip.
    Below is a copy of your submission.KenKlockekenklocke@gmail.comMelaleuca pyramid evidence​/asiseeit
    ∞Δº♠ ∴  ⊥⊗⊥ /ℑªoff.set/consumer_protection

    Ken Klocke ©2014-2017   Copyright Right All Rights Reserved ck_it√Δ

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    BBB: What consumers need to know
    BBB Gives Terror Group An A Rating
    20/20 exposes the real BBB

      • Submitted:Tue, February 03, 2015
      • Updated:Mon, April 11, 2016
    • Reported By: Ken Klocke — HENDERSON Nevada
    Melaleuca, Inc.

    4609 West 65th SouthIdaho Falls, , IdahoUSA

    Melaleuca, Inc. Frank VanderSloot, Alan Pariser Wrongful Termination – Deceptive trade practices Idaho Falls, Idaho

    πtampering∨¬∪◊⌈⌋⇓links.<>π◊∴ formulating a fig~gabyte Config~

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    *Author of original report: #NoRecruitNoPay *Author of original report: I agree with the Class Action Suite!


    *Author of original report: Melaleuca, Inc. Not MLM? Get Real!

    **REBUTTAL Individual responds: Writing to Correct the Record

    *Author of original report: Melaleuca Health Claims

    1. a frightening or unpleasant dream.
      “I had nightmares after watching the horror movie”
      synonyms: bad dream, night terrors;

      “she woke from a nightmare”
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col·lu·sion        ´µ·• Dr KING
  1. secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
    “the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers”
    synonyms: conspiracy, connivance, complicity, intrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaboration,scheming

    “there had been collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups”
    • LAW
      illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.  (discovery)      Å∴¹²³.easy  [SLOPPY_MESS]

When the wobble reverberates ~ that’s when the slapping starts. ~KK~ googles-new-logo-5078286822539264-2-hp

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a litany of evidence?

ººΔ∫•Right-Wing Billionaires Behind Mitt Romney

What is Frank VanderSloot getting for agreeing to back Marco Rubio? Last victim was Mitt Romney – see how that turned out.

“Darwinian survival of the fittest.” ⇓/ Swing to Trumps Camp¿

ken klocke thesis – Ken Klocke ~e~™ –

Posts about ken klocke thesis written by KEN KLOCKE. … +l.c_ness+Ken+Klocke%27s+llc+%3D+living+linquistic+codes+%E2%80%93+Ken+Klocke+~e~%E2% …. µ ‡ ² ∞ℑ° ∠®i=

in·var·i·a·bly   “No ReCruit No Pay is a scam.”~ KK  + ∞  – ∞qSlow-TunnelLebesgueintegralsimplefunctions.svgSlow-Tunnel
adverb                                    220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif

™    ™®©°•µ¿~Õ~ tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1),+and+Puppet+Trolls.+%E2%87%90%C3%BF%E2%87%92+%C2%BF+%C3%A6+%E2%89%A5VERY RICH IN MATTER Law snuffers… no bluffin

©>>~∈THESIS∋~> ≡ Report123 easy …

Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ……/DoddFrank_Wall_Street_Reform_and_Consumer_Protect…

The DoddFrank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Pub.L. 111–203, H.R. 4173; commonly referred to as DoddFrank) was signed into federal law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010.

Enacted by‎: ‎the 111th United States Congress
Statutes at Large‎: ‎124 Stat. 1376–2223
Effective‎: ‎July 21, 2010

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act …

The DoddFrank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a massive piece of financial reform legislation passed by the Obama administration in 2010 as a response to the financial crisis of 2008.

The Dodd-Frank Act explained – USA Today

6 hours ago – With the DoddFrank Act in political crosshairs, it’s worth revisiting the act’s history and purpose.

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As I See it :<>: There’s nothing remarkable about Melaleuca, Inc., At All…
the only think remarkable is..“what they get away with.” ~KK/Thesis
 tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)


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Δ¹ ™

in·var·i·a·bly   “No ReCruit No Pay is a scam.”~ KK  + ∞  – ∞qSlow-TunnelLebesgueintegralsimplefunctions.svgSlow-Tunnel
ˌinˈverēəblē/  Two_population_EA_animation
in every case or on every occasion; always.  360°  Stay hungry…Stay foolish. Steve Jobs*
220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif  Slow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-Tunnel

review, scam, or complaint.  / Everything is a “miracle”~KK

Yes they do.
 ⎞. ⎠¿

Ken Klocke…/ #Rigged BBB/Melaleuca response.

Dear Ken Klocke:

This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 1/15/2015 10:03:48 PM against Melaleuca, Inc. Your complaint was assigned ID 10405883.

After careful review, the BBB has determined that there was no marketplace interaction with this business warranting a complaint that falls within our purview. Therefore, we have closed this complaint as invalid. I would truly like transparency on how many other “credible” BBB-Mela-complaints are broomed under the rug as not credible?

If you wish to pursue this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Samantha Gillihan (Interesting – 16 years in Melaleuca, Inc.  W/ no market interaction.) (Absurd)

Ken Klocke's photo. › News
The Salt Lake Tribune
Dec 11, 2015 – A super political action committee supporting Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election was fined $50,000 fo

Melaleuca – Facebook
Discover the therapeutic, mood-boosting benefits of 3 new PURE™ Essential Oils, available only at Melaleuca. But that’s not all: With new PURE Roll-On Bottles … ‪#‎FTC‬ ‪#‎melaleuca‬ ‪#‎DOJ‬
PING. ⇒ How do they get away with it? The billion dollar question ……/how-do-they-get-away-with…

See More

Ken Klocke's photo.

KK Copyright © 2015 ‪#‎fj‬ ‪#‎facebookTrust‬
Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot Denies to Lead a MLM Company – “Public Service Matter”

” It is my belief, “Frank VanderSloot’s ‪#‎Melaleuca‬ inc., is a illegal pyramid scheme. I’m calling on our federal government for unbiased judicial review and protections, ‘ Summary of penalties, sanctions, terminations, as well as new consumer protection laws. (250m)
“Be mindful and careful on who you’re pitching what.” ~KK

‪#‎Notmlm‬ ? ‪#‎melaleuca‬ ‪#‎Rubio‬ ‪#‎KK‬ ‪#‎politics‬ FEC fines pro-Mitt ‪#‎Romney‬super PAC | The Salt Lake Tribune › News
The Salt Lake Tribune
Dec 11, 2015 – A super political action committee supporting Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election was fined $50,000 for

Because.., one of my jobs is keeping the feds pointed in the right direction. ‪#‎KK‬ ‪#‎MLM‬ ‪#‎melaleuca‬ ‪#‎DoJ‬

Ken Klocke's photo.
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Herbalife Ltd. came under a fresh attack from a New York state senator, who called the company a pyramid scheme and said he’s found more victims of…

‪#‎MLM‬ ‪#‎TOPSHILL‬ ‪#‎AlanPariser‬ ‪#‎Activist‬
activist – Dictionary Definition :
‪#‎DeniedDueProcess‬ Terminated with a phone call. Shill.Style ‪#‎DOJ‬ ‪#‎FTC‬ Threatened not to tell or they “Melaleuca/Alan Pariser” would put a restraing order against me!!” Checkit twice! ‪#‎Melaleuca‬[Google_Vaulted 03/21/2016] ‪#‎EqualTimeForTruth‬ Ken Klocke Copyright KK© All Rights Reserved

'Live WEBCAST, Stuart, FL - w. ALAN PARISER, Corporate ... GUESTS WELCOME! Doors open @ 6:30pm. Webcast w. Corporate Director 7, ALAN PARISER starts PROMPTLY @ 7:00PM. or go to: #TopShill  www,  #Melaleuca #Alanpariser #KenKlocke #MLM #PyramdSchemeConcerns #DOJ #FTC #CIA #NationalSecurityConcerns #RicoConcerns Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO ...  #FrankVanderSloot #NotMLM #EqualTimeForTruth #TheAppleByteProject Business Opportunities | Federal Trade Commission Federal Trade Commission Nov 1, 2011 - The FTC's Business Opportunity Rule requires companies to ... Like the disclosure document, the earnings claim statement has to be in the ..  #MisleadingIncomeClaims'

‪#‎herbalife‬ ‪#‎melaleuca‬ ‪#‎burnlounge‬ ‪#‎vemma‬ ‪#‎EndlessChainScams‬
No new geography – no new business. You get the picture: Lather, rinse, repeat. “How high would the cancellations go?”‪#‎TruthInAdvertising‬ Ken Klocke Copyright KK© All Rights Reserved

Apart from fraud charges, the global performance of Herbalife and other large MLMs shows their era of growth is over. The change is not cyclical, but…

We need the department of justice (DOJ) to end your Endless Chain/ MLM/Frank
Also, your head Shill *Alanpariser needs to read the FTC RULES ON CONDUCTING BUSINESS! In fact – you need to go read them Frank. ‪#‎KK‬‪#‎stop‬
Pyramid Scheme. ‪#‎NationalSecurityConcerns‬! ‪#‎Melaleuca‬‪#‎FrankVanderSloot‬ ‪#‎Trumped‬ ‪#‎FTC‬ ‪#‎CIA‬ ‪#‎DOJ‬ ‪#‎SOS‬… (Crushed-by a billionaire.)…

'Idaho political and judicial campaigns[edit] According to Dan Popkey of the Idaho Statesman and Roger Plothow and Marty Trillhaase of the Idaho Falls Post Register, VanderSloot supported Idaho Democrat Larry EchoHawk’s 1994 gubernatorial campaign[8] and endorsed Democrat Jackie Groves Twilegar for Idaho state controller in 2006.[158][159] VanderSloot has been a major donor to Idaho Republicans,[158][159] according to Popkey, who described him as the state's "most boisterous conservative financier"[8] and by America Online’s Eamon Murphy, who called him "perhaps the single most influential campaign donor"[11] in the state of Idaho. VanderSloot spent more than $100,000 on independent advertising on three winning judicial campaigns, two for Idaho Supreme Court and one for district judge in Bonneville County.[8] VanderSloot and Melaleuca were financial supporters of the PAC Concerned Citizens for Family Values.[70][160][161][162] The PAC ran ads targeting incumbent Idaho Supreme Court Justice Cathy Silak during her 2000 re-election campaign against challenger Daniel T. Eismann.[161][162] The ads alleged that if Silak were re-elected, same-sex marriage and "partial-birth abortion" could have become legal in Idaho.[163][164] In 2002, VanderSloot and Melaleuca contributed more than $50,000 opposing the election bid of Democrat Keith Roark, a former Blaine County prosecutor, for Idaho Attorney General. The contributions included a $35,000 donation to Roark’s Republican opponent, Lawrence Wasden, and a $16,500 donation to Concerned Citizens for Family Values, an organization run by VanderSloot, to pay for attack ads against Roark in Eastern Idaho.[165] That year, VanderSloot and Melaleuca also donated $7,000 towards Republican Dirk Kempthorne’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign .[166] In 2006, VanderSloot and his wife, Belinda, donated nearly $16,000 through the PAC Citizens for Truth and Justice, and via direct payments for ads opposing the reelection of Idaho 7th District Court Judge James Herndon, a Democrat, in a three-way race against challengers Darren Simpson and DaLon Esplin.[167][168] Ads criticizing Herndon also aired on radio stations run by Riverbend Communications, owned by VanderSloot and his wife.[167] In 2010 VanderSloot funded two PACs that launched last-minute ads against Idaho 2nd District Judge John Bradbury, a Democrat, during his electoral run for state Supreme Court against Republican incumbent Justice Roger Burdick.[169][170][171][172] VanderSloot donated $19,000 to the PAC Idaho Citizens for Justice[173] and financed the PAC Citizens for Commonsense Solutions.[174] Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa announced that the PACs were fined $1,900 collectively for failing to appoint a certified treasurer prior to accepting contributions from VanderSloot and for failing to disclose large expenditures for its ads before the election, as required by law.[170][171]'

Ken Klocke reviewed a business on Yelp.

March 11 at 5:13pm ·



I was with “Melaleuca, Inc. for Sixteen years… a few of them actually weren’t bad! And, I we enjoyed using the products. However, as the years went be…. it became very scheme-ish. I believe Melaleuca, Inc. Is a Pyramid Scheme.

Do your research w/ a critical eye. Don’t be a fool like me!

google… ‪#‎Melaleuca‬ ‪#‎AdvancingWithUs‬ ‪#‎Yelp‬ ‪#‎PyramidScheme‬ Y∞ℑ KK©2015 All Rights Reserved ‪#‎GoSellYourDream‬

Financial Services in Henderson, NV

'For your reference this is Case #: 4381833 #Yelp #TakeDown #melaleuca #Vemma Yelp HQ <> 12:20 PM (1 hour ago) to me  MAR 11, 2016  |  12:19PM PST Hi Ken, We wanted to let you know that we've removed your reviews of Advancing With Us and Melaleuca Store. Your reviews were brought to our attention by the Yelp community, and we found that your content fell outside our Content Guidelines as it did not appear to describe a firsthand customer experience and because it contains promotional content. We want to hear about your personal experiences with local businesses. The best reviews provide context, detail and perhaps even a helpful tip or two. To learn more, check out our Content Guidelines at Thanks for understanding, and we'll see you on Yelp! Removed Content: Advancing With Us... is a Multi-level Marking (IME) Independent Marking Executive for Melaleuca, Inc. Extremely sketchy outfit_ claims not to be MLM - I would strongly recommend using caution in your participation. Google Melaleuca MLM  Goodluck #KK ----- Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot Denies to Lead a MLM Company - " It is my belief, "Frank VanderSloot's Melaleuca inc., is a illegal pyramid scheme.I'm calling on our federal government for unbiased judicial review and protections, ' Summary of penalties sanctions and terminations actions as well as new consumer protection laws. (250m) "Be mindful and careful on who you're pitching what."~KK Here's what Melaleuca is AS I SEE IT! If participants must recruit and buy products to be successful, or if the pay plan's primary rewards are for building a downline, it should be considered a recruitment-driven MLM, and hence an illegal pyramid scheme. Melaleuca "NoRecruitNoPay™ Recruitment-driven MLM - an MLM with a compensation plan that rewards primarily distributors who recruit huge downlines, and is therefore a product-based pyramid scheme. Updates blogged here My motivation? (1)Consumer Protection. (2) Common law. (3)Constitutional law. (4) A Reckoning. "confidential" #NoRecruitNoPay™ #FearNoMore™ "The Billion Dollar Question Remains?How Do They Get Away With It?" ~KK #ObamaAdministrationCabinet KK© 2015 All Rights Reserved I coined "Melaleuca's" compensation scheme - (RBI™) Recruiting Based Income. (RBIs™) only pay for recruiting and/or helping recruit. Only with recruiting can you potentially be paid on your MLM group. "Limited pay on personals, caps apply w/o pandering/recruiting. "Sick huh? Hence [NoRecruitNoPay™] Keep in mind my business was a $2'000'000 + annual business...and, I'm sure it still is! Now, what a (RBI™) plan pays you w/o recruiting is your- (TRI™)True Residual Income. In other words, remove the "(RF) recruiting factor." And your true-residual will reveal itself. (Your TRI™ is bankable income.. after, cost of doing business, fees, penalties, take-aways, required monthly purchases, and other bogus charges.) I coined Melaleuca's pay scheme (RBI™), because A third grader can understand it... And, thats what it is! *Keep in mind if your recruits drop out in the first "90 days" Melaleuca takes your (RPs) Recruiting Points - away for that customer! "Shameless-Sham?." Indeed Sir! (wc-c) *Now, allow me to exemplify these (my) acronyms in a real case scenario. I will use my very own Melaleuca, Inc. "Commission Report Summaries" to clear things up. If you look closely at the (CRS) you can see my available commission was $7' would expect that to be my residual income right? Wrong - because I didn't pander/ recruit... 3-6 new recruits per month, average of 45 recruiting points 3 months running, I earned "0" commissions on my group! "0" "Zero!" Nothing! And trust me... People at Melaleuca DON'T talk about this... "dirty little secret" O' no, O' no contraire! I think it's safe to say most recruits and low level folks have no clue! Shake your head? go for it! "Most people's first response is "How do they get away with it?" Very Good Question? This is where the (NoRecruitNoPay™) was coined by me. We clear? Now, it should be abundantly, and painfully-obvious how I coined (TRI™) So, clearly -Melaleuca has a (RBI™) scheme. Paying only a small fraction of the residual income they build you dreams on (7%) Bottomline_ If you don't pander to the recruiting demands your "SOL" and they don't care! So, All you Kool-Aid lovers, ... Go Sell Your Dream!" . The regulatory process - essential in a democracy to protect consumers - is compro-mised when pyramid fraud is allowed by regulatory agencies. Victims of all types of pyramid or chain selling schemes rarely file complaints, fearing consequences from or to those they recruited (often close relatives or friends) - and having been taught that any failure is ―their fault.‖ Lacking such complaints, law enforcement seldom acts against these scams. This complacency on the part of those responsible for consumer protection creates, in effect, a "license to steal." 8. MLM observers have noticed cultish and even compulsive behavior from MLM participation. Some MLM programs adopt cultist patterns in recruitment and retention of members, becoming a rather closed society. Also, the evolution of ―MLM junkies‖ has been observed, with traits of addiction similar to those for other addictions. So, All you Kool-Aid lovers, ... Go Sell Your Dream!" KK© 2015 p.s. Most products are good, however, very expensive. Use your local Dollar store for better value. Bank the savings. ~KK "google melaleuca lawsuits" before you decide!" good luck  Regards, The Yelp Support Team San Francisco, California Yelp Support Center | Yelp Official Blog | Yelp for Business Owners | For your reference this is Case #: 4381833 [[891bea880929448f490b8d959bc8fadd1e1e1e1f-656862751]]'

in·var·i·a·bly   “No ReCruit No Pay is a scam.”~ KK  + ∞  – ∞qSlow-TunnelLebesgueintegralsimplefunctions.svgSlow-Tunnel
adverb                                    220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif
  1. in every case or on every occasion; always.
    220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif220px-Kodak_Moment_(2013)_sample_animation.gif  Slow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-TunnelSlow-Tunnel

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spooky action core · December 20 at 8:53pm Tglyphs 2.0


Ken Klocke KK© 2015  ip/arr   ∑Ex parte/fult_line /string dna T.I.E.
 ® observation deck. © ℑ°
° ™ ⇑Structure ∗
uncle-sam-prescription rediculous Torque_animationWave_equation_1D_fixed_endpointsSpherical_wave2 Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpoints Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpointsWave_equation_1D_fixed_endpoints Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpoints Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpoints Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpointsWave_equation_1D_fixed_endpoints Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpoints Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpointsWave_equation_1D_fixed_endpointsillustration-of-a-globular-star-cluster-in-space-jason-reed Wave_equation_1D_fixed_endpoints ⇐• ping.⇓ ∂                                         ℑ? Tglyphs 2.0  the float Õ August 8 at 12:00am · ⇒


[T] glyphs 2.0™ white.space_drag

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powered by Imagination ~KK

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
Albert Einstein 

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Tglyphs 2.0 We now imagine space to be measured from the stationary system K by
means of the stationary measuring-rod, and also from the moving system k

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√       ⊥π⊥

~∨4~ 1.malfeasance √∫•   µ  √Ag_.g (6/12)  130px-Nuvola_apps_edu_mathematics_blue-p.svg50px-Crystal_Clear_app_3dπ                              .1 :2∴³ ⌋ddd¬ θ Recreate gaussation/field  ∴ π ∞  X∂=lt  ‘load_time                     +load time” dynamics differential duty)( ddd  ¤ª© ª®180px-Orbital_motion180px-Orbital_motion11666152_1113035182059452_4562951926652637345_n 180px-Orbital_motionuncle-sam-prescription rediculous 180px-Orbital_motion

⇒∑ /Structuring                       

uncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculous

~ℑ~⊕~Æ~Q4 •⇑• •⇑• vulcanize/ tip/transfer/point •

Master Key ∫∠   [•♦•12•♦GM] ⇑    tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Two_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation180px-Orbital_motionTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation180px-Orbital_motionTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation            Two_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation  Two_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation

Two_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation®⇑⇓© Two_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation 74osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x8Two_population_EA_animation74osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x8Two_population_EA_animation74osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x8Two_population_EA_animation74osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x8Two_population_EA_animation74osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x874osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x8Two_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animationTwo_population_EA_animation

·~• Oxidatively Responsive Chain string• DNA Example Sequences: mPing Mite Element, Ping Transposase Gene, Ping … Identify the number of Ping transposons (using DNA sequence and protein). 74osekm2wh1n7405rj56oplai.700x435x8 uncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculous

¤.  “What is pandering for points?” Indeed Sir!
ˈbafəl/    ~♠~  Two_population_EA_animation  MLM?NOT♦™dump/
past tense: baffled; past participle: baffled
  1. 1.
    totally bewilder or perplex.
    “an unexplained occurrence that baffled everyone”
     Q4  All Matter  2.tachyon04s (1)  ℑ 
    restrain or regulate (a fluid, sound, etc.).
    “to baffle the noise further, I pad the gunwales”
    synonyms: perplex, puzzle,

See also: Set, sét, sèt, sēt and sệt ¶

®mind,’®equalization ~e~>æ  winking element  ~X~/T ..• we.∞ℑ ® set. /bit bit/set       ∑§ observation¿ osp•opc? ocp ‡‡.±       t.⇓¸ lineāris                                      bushing q4   ∗core•                         XXX


•  ∑∫Gaussating Linguistic/ code-switching / Gaussating / Living Code   •Living Code  ¶Gaussating  KK_coin©

tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationTachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationTachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationTachyon04s.defragmentationTachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)tachyon04s (1)Tachyon04s.defragmentationtachyon04s 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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

The Fundamental Rights emphasize equality by guaranteeing to all citizens the access and use of public institutions and protections, irrespective of their background. The rights to life and personal liberty apply for persons of any nationality, while others, such as the freedom of speech and expression are applicable only to the citizens of India (including non-resident Indian citizens).[3]The right to equality in matters of public employment cannot be conferred tooverseas citizens of India.[4]

Fundamental Rights primarily protect individuals from any arbitrary State actions, but some rights are enforceable against private individuals too.[5] For instance, the constitution abolishes untouchability and prohibits begar. These provisions act as a check both on State action and actions of private individuals. Fundamental Rights are not absolute and are subject to reasonable restrictions as necessary for the protection of national interest. In the Kesavananda Bharati vs. state of Kerala case, the Supreme Court ruled that all provisions of the constitution, including Fundamental Rights can be amended.[6] However, the Parliament cannot alter the basic structure of the constitution like secularism, democracy, federalism, separation of powers. Often called the “Basic structure doctrine”, this decision is widely regarded as an important part of Indian history. In the 1978 Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India case, the Supreme Court extended the doctrine’s importance as superior to any parliamentary legislation.According to the verdict, no act of parliament can be considered a law if it violated the basic structure of the constitution. This landmark guarantee of Fundamental Rights was regarded as a unique example of judicial independence in preserving the sanctity of


“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” – Albert Einstein  400px-General_flux_diagram.svg (1)

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¶Supreme Court of the United States

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“USSC” redirects here. For the independent agency of the judicial branch of the U.S. government, see United States Sentencing Commission.
Supreme Court of the United States
Seal of the United States Supreme Court.svg
Established 1789
Country United States
Location Washington, D.C.
Coordinates 38°53′26″N 77°00′16″WCoordinates: 38°53′26″N 77°00′16″W
Composition method Presidential nomination withSenate confirmation
Authorized by U.S. Constitution
Judge term length Life tenure
Number of positions 9, by statute
Chief Justice of the United States
Currently John Roberts
Since September 29, 2005

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS[1]) is the highest federal court of the United States. Established pursuant to Article III of the United States Constitution in 1789, it has ultimate (and largely discretionary) appellate jurisdiction over all federal courts and over state court cases involving issues of federal law, plus original jurisdictionover a small range of cases. In the legal system of the United States, the Supreme Court is the final interpreter offederal constitutional law, although it may only act within the context of a case in which it has jurisdiction.

The Court consists of the Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices who are nominated by thePresident and confirmed by the Senate. Once appointed, justices have life tenure unless they resign, retire, take senior status, or are removed after impeachment (though no justice has ever been removed). In modern discourse, the justices are often categorized as having conservative, moderate, or liberal philosophies of law and of judicial interpretation. Each justice has one vote, and while many cases are decided unanimously, many of the highest profile cases often expose ideological beliefs that track with those philosophical or political categories. The Court meets in theUnited States Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C.

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 ∗Don’t vote for war!  ⇒®vote for freedom / vote for freedom// peace D.
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You want more waR ? laughable ‪#‎WiseUP‬ ‪#‎Fool‬ ‪#‎GoSellYourWar‬
#…/va-doctor-certification-s…/76130672/ ‪#‎FBI‬‪#‎DepartmentOfJustice‬ ‪#


so ludicrous as to be amusing.
“if it didn’t make me so angry it would be laughable”
synonyms: ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, risible, preposterous;

More‪#‎malfeasance‬ (FLUSH)~

And you want more waR ? laughable ‪#‎WiseUP‬ ‪#‎Fool‬ ‪#‎GoSellYourWar‬
#…/va-doctor-certification-s…/76130672/ ‪#‎FBI‬‪#‎DepartmentOfJustice‬ ‪#‎DOJ‬

so ludicrous as to be amusing.
“if it didn’t make me so angry it would be laughable”
synonyms: ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, risible, preposterous; More‪#‎malfeasance‬ (FLUSH)~
VA doctor certification scandal grows

Investigates: VA Doctor Certification Scandal Grows Congressman Wants Investigation after KARE 11 Report – by AJ Lagoe and Steve Eckert A

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(RBO) – Ken Klocke ~e~™ – …. Herbalife Faces New Attack From State Senator Seeking Law. Herbalife Ltd. came …… “Clawback.wickingbucket loads Of ♢ No Recruit No Pay/ Δ win for the guy at the Top∇a few …… little pet project of _mine_Blick #1Z #KK~> #LarryPage ª⇑º±K ~Ÿ~¿~ …

Ken Klocke ~e~™ – Go Sell Your Dream …. Definition of case history in the LegalDictionary – by Free online English …… An amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing therights of free …… “Clawback.wickingbucket loads Of ♢ No Recruit No Pay/ Δ win for the guy at theTop∇a few …

  1. freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.
    “you can while away an hour or two in peace and seclusion”
    synonyms: tranquility, calm, restfulness, peace and quiet, peacefulness,quiet, quietness; More

    “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
    Albert Einstein
  2. 2.
    freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.
    “the Straits were to be open to warships in time of peace”
    synonyms: law and order, lawfulness, order, peacefulness, peaceableness,harmony, nonviolence;

    “we pray for peace”
    • ®k
    1. worthy of or causing shame or disgrace.
      “a shameful accusation”



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” It is my belief, “Frank VanderSloot’s Melaleuca is a illegal pyramid scheme. I’m calling on our federal government for unbiased judicial review.” Summary of penalties sanctions and terminations as well as new consumer protection laws.“Be mindful and careful on who you’re pitching what.”~KK

Here’s what Melaleuca is AS I SEE IT!   uncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculous

If participants must recruit and buy products to be successful, or if the pay plan’s primary rewards are for building a downline, it should be considered a recruitment-driven MLM, and hence an illegal pyramid scheme. √≡ Melaleuca “NoRecruitNoPay™

√Recruitment-driven MLM – an MLM with a compensation plan that rewards primarily distributors who recruit huge downlines, and is therefore a product-based pyramid scheme. Updates blogged here ~>

My motivation? (1)Consumer Protection. (2) Common law. (3)Constitutional law. (4) A Reckoning #5 Human Rights♠π   [æ]  [sfa] [s∞]

• Melaleuca, Inc. & ‘The Endless Chain Element’ Review ……

 Apr 15, 2015 – I’m calling on (FTC) (DSA) Judicial and Congressional reviews. … “I personally despise what Melaleuca, Inc. gets away with. …. “confidential” #NoRecruitNoPay™ #FearNoMore™ “The Billion Dollar Question Remains?   #Shameful  #bio_ownership/Owner /guy at the top Αℑ/idπ♦  ∠∑jpr.s ? 1.2b? hdhgawi? ∞8∞ ℜ= NoRecuritNoPay/Endless∞Chain     “caustic business practices”    


ººΔ∫•Right-Wing Billionaires Behind Mitt Romney

What is Frank VanderSloot getting for agreeing to back Marco Rubio? Last victim was Mitt Romney – see how that turned out.

“Darwinian survival of the fittest.” ⇓/ Swing to Trumps Camp¿?

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√Got Pyramid Fees and Takeaways? Indeed Sir!⇓ Raw/Fees

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The Billion Dollar Questions Remains? How Do They Get Away With It?  ∞ººΔ-/ ℑ∞

Synthetic uncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculous uncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculous uncle-sam-prescription rediculousuncle-sam-prescription rediculous



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