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Here are some tips for handling this critical task and avoiding costly HR mistakes.
  • Don’t rely on an “open door.” …
  • Leave a paper trail. …
  • Establish policies and procedures. …◊♦
  • Stay abreast of changing laws. …
  • Hire and fire carefully. …
  • Develop and reward employees.


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6/1/11 – 7/1/11 | My Own Private Idaho/? 12:02PM/10/4/2017lc

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Position CEO of Melaleuca Inc., a “multilevel marketing” firm based in Idaho that sells off-brand cleaning products and nutritional supplements. Moonlights as a mega-rancher of cattle and quarter horses.
Age 63
Fortune Melaleuca’s annual revenues last year totaled $1 billion. VanderSloot is the 86th-largest private landowner in the United States, holding 110,448 acres.
Past Donations More than $500,000 to Republicans, including $8,100 to former GOP senator Larry Craig of Idaho.
Current Donations Melaleuca and three Asian subsidiaries gave a combined $1 million to Romney’s Super PAC. VanderSloot also serves as a national finance co-chair of the Romney campaign.
What He Wants Fewer consumer protections. The FDA has rebuked Melaleuca for making “false and misleading” claims about its supplements, and the company has signed a consent decree agreeing to “not engage in the marketing and promotion of an illegal pyramid.” VanderSloot is also an anti-gay crusader: He tried to kill a PBS program for promoting “the homosexual lifestyle,” and gave big bucks to pass California’s ban on same-sex marriage.
How He Lives Owns a 17-bedroom home in Idaho Falls. Breeds Angus cattle in Idaho and quarter horses in Utah.

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  1. a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.
    “the maintenance of social equilibrium”
    synonyms: balancesymmetryequipoiseparityequality;

    “the equilibrium of the economy”
    • a state of physical balance.
      “I stumbled over a rock and recovered my equilibrium”
    • a calm state of mind.
      “his intensity could unsettle his equilibrium”
      synonyms: composurecalmequanimitysangfroid;

      level-headedness, coolheadedness, imperturbability, poise, presence of mind;
      impassivity, placidity, tranquilityserenity;
      “his equilibrium was never shaken”


      1. 1.
        make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.
        “an opportunity to reform and restructure an antiquated schooling model”
        synonyms: improvebetter, make better, amelioraterefine;

        alter, make alterations to, changeadjust, make adjustments to, adaptamendrevisereshaperefashionredesignrestylerevamprebuildreconstructremodelreorganize
        “a plan to reform the system”




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∑  goal modification/Managers / A good value system*e¹²³•ªÉÖÑ°Π∗åÅ  <>¤Δ<>German: Gedankenexperiment<>   <>∞ℑºΔ<>

Ken Klocke I believe if the case is warranted [√] Seek the #DOJ #FTC#FBI #FDA and/or all other US.GOV/ assets… get them on your team/…Only then will there be the potential for a meaningful just outcome.

>< Aid the FEDs in exposing the crimes, investigating, and in nailing said [Bracket Racket] #Document #Everything, be patience. And, never ever give up. (Get better with every move. ~Ken Klocke)

* Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. – Albert Einstein

#FieldsOfMatter #KeepPushing #NeverQuit #DSA #Politics#Commonlaw / that’s right.\ #changingspace// logistics+matter#gamechangers #Veteran #advocacy #whistleblowerprotectionact#OutThinking (#RICO) #Melaleuca #MLM ° ~Õ~ [T] 2.0™ living.code™ ~\°• + by KLOCKE1 Thesis 2014-2017 ~\°• + ~©~ All Rights Reserved <><>1<> Testing check √∞ºΔ ping.matter /feed./thinkout.end. ..#facebook/assets1=ethics//lt=messenger1 #FrankVanderSloot#alanpariser #SOS /fuse¹ ~e~™ <>…

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goal modification/Managers / A good value system*e¹²³•ªÉÖÑ°Π∗åÅ  <>

I pray for a full Federal Investigation of Melaleuca, Inc … – Ken Klocke ~e~™•Δ∞º  Ξ  ◊¹

YELP <> Violations:  04.22.2017 [Law]

≤≥Ken Klocke on Twitter: “©>>~∈THESIS∋~> ≡ Report123 easy …

How do they “Melaleuca, Inc.” get away with it?  ~$~ “*Consumer Comment: Melaleauca PC “Scam hence+=+ Apple_byte_project/by/KenKlocke ¶Δ©2014-2017                                         All Rights Reserved #Veteran
“Stay clear of this sloppy_-_ mess” Best advice.
~ Ken Klocke  ~Õ~

Mar 1, 2015 – “Note, I Ken Klocke (KK) consider any attempts to remove this site, and/or hinder its value/ intended causes i.e.”Consumer protection at the, …

∼360*∑⇑⇑ΘΣΔ   <> space  ~Δ~clues/ reviews ¿?

*Real or not MLM? <>®<> billion doallr question (~?~) -+nef¹²³/thesis?*Natioal_Security_Concerns

Welcome to Melaleuca, The Wellness Company

Welcome to the largest online wellness shopping club. Our mission is to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.

Sign in

Melaleuca Preferred Customers, sign in to continue. Others will …

Melaleuca Account Information

This is your personal account page. … information, manage your …

The Melaleuca Product Store

New Products – Loyalty Shopping Dollars – Diet & Weight Loss –

Loyalty Shopping Dollars

Find out more about how to get and use Melaleuca Loyalty …

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~>[+-laws]<~float~>=~<floating_lawsº>-+.leverage?/ “humble_business?”


Ken Klocke Thesis  ∞인피니트 Everyone Can Play™ ʘ ∪Ξℑ∈≡∋ ~∈∋~ ° <><>COG=+- cash oppertunity game*+

♦What’s Real?  ◊Whats Magic?  17155940_10212799690134151_700427582107833295_n “states[ ~[]~ ]” √ <>Δ<>

‡◊∴°♦ ∞

∑™ Everything is an investigation. ~KK/ life is to investigate.

*∇                                                   *Δ At The Top of the Pyramid -they see things differently. INDEED/TELL things differently.  Demystifying BS from BS.  take-m-o-r-e-fees-2


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~e~™ – >~>¦◊¦<~<  ~db~ ASAP! 1:40P/◊⇔⇐⇑⇒↵∴⊂⊃



∑Δ~ nefarious¹²³  XYZ ¿

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Date in Henderson, NV 12:07

  1. (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.
    “the nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates”
    synonyms: wicked, evil, sinful, iniquitous, egregious, heinous, atrocious, vile, foul, abominable,odious, depraved, monstrous, fiendish, diabolical, unspeakable, despicable;

    “the nefarious long-lost brother returns to steal Iris’s inheritance”

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