“Melaleuca – Not [MLM] Multi-Level Marketing? Change The Facts.”


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MY MELALEUCA SAGA…                             logo

My “TEAM” built a Multi-Million-Dollar + business with Melaleuca, Inc. Over a sixteen year period. Truth is, I grew sick and tired of the “Complication Plan,™ Continuous changes in the compensation plan, take-aways, the Mela-culture,discrimination concerns, negative pressLGBT ISSUES  VanderSloot’s Supporting Gay Marriage BanResponsible Journalism or Misleading Propaganda?Karma catches up with Romney Finance Co-Chair Frank VanderSloot!Melaleuca suppression of first amendment rightsyes3 (2)vandersloot3 (1)                                               KK(c)2015 All Rights Reserved

Thousands of hard working people are funneling in and  getting out of Melaleuca’s pyramid/MLM business model each and every month. Many of these joiners have no idea they’ve joined an MLM! Why you may ask?, well, the simple truth is deception. People are lied to and it must end. Melaleuca targets are entitled to, truth, value, and the wisdom of others before them whom are willing to share and care, As they See it!. Lawsuits, restraining orders, gag orders, and sealing deals, wrongfully feed the underlying causes of deception and/or losses. “Having good products need not entitle a manufacture the right to change the facts and/or mislead the field. Let us make it right and change the facts back to facts.” ~∞~ ~e~

♦Massive Federal Action♦⇒ intervention and regulation is required here and now! No foxes in the “Hen House.” Attorneys Generals taking large contributions…, and getting under the warm corporate blankets together~ How quaint!~ Seems unjust and very wrong to a simple man like me. “One could simply say it’s “Elementary!” ♥

I’m no lawyer, however, a third grader could understand the widespread conflicts plaguing the runaway Pyramid/MLM Dark Iron Horse. (MLM vs MFA) Timing is everything. Now is the time!

“To know the road ahead, ask those who are coming back. Chinese Proverb
https://kenklocke.wordpress.co… #kenklocke, #KK, #melaleuca #cosmetics #secrets

600px-US-FederalTradeCommission-Seal.svg_                                                                                                                           I pray for a forensic Federal Government investigation of Melaleuca, Inc’s. and it’s-
   enabling bodies business practices.”~KK
   Concerned Veteran, Witness, Wronged party.” ~e~

Troupis ♠ to challenge Idaho Attorney ~ General Wasden <  ~ºº¶∞~ag.id.Δ   ¦•∫º¦⇐‡‡⇓ _solve.  

The candidate mistakenly claims support from Idaho’s biggest GOP donor.                              BY DAN POPKEY  –dpopkey@idahostatesman.com  March 13, 2015                                                                                                                                         http://www.idahostatesman.com/2014/03/13/3077343_troupis-to-challenge-ag-wasden.html?rh=1

I have conflict of interest concerns here. I have Major issues with Melaleuca, Inc. which I have notified  Idaho Attorney General’s office and ” Lawrence Wasden.”  ¥  http://www.frankvanderslootresponse.com/att-general.html&#8221; http://ken.vegas I reported my concerns to the BBB of Snake River… What a joke that was! A buddy of mine told me VaderSloot owns them, and my buddy is on to something… “As I See iT!” ~KK

A fox should not be on the jury at a goose’s trial. ~Thomas Fuller10408746_10206440584400482_3234328494307992529_n (1)Melaleuca’s litigious historyFranks political stancesuppression of the peoples constitutional rights, bullying, all of it!” We had a “LGBT” couple in our Melaleuca group denied the basic right of being on stage together, for many years! … I think most reasonable people “not” tuning into Fox-News would agree? This, homophobic, childish, pathetic, behavior can’t be permitted any longer!     LGBT RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES    ~e~

 “Update April 17 2015 5:21 pm. No response , No answers, No word. “Consumer protection? Corporate shenanigans? “Conflicts?” •   ¥ Clearly soft money.                              •constitutional attorney… interesting practices and rules?

There is no accountability in soft money. None.” – Zack Wamp Owned?                                 ≥ Powers of the President of the United States∗

I remember attending a Melaleuca corporate event that hundreds of us “ME’s” attended. Frank VanderSloot was Soliciting his political cause, asking us all to get our wallets out and pledge our allegiance to the “ROMNEY PAC…our choice of course. “NOT ODD AT ALL” Albeit uncomfortable… what made the situation more looney was Frank VanderSloot’s negative take on “Borracho Obama” Frank’s words were very unsettling, and… I personally didn’t care for his half-baked presentation and/or antics whatsoever! And in a split room of leaders…well, seems Frank’s actions were foolhardy at best…SMH? One thing I was clear on, I wanted No part of Frank VanderSloot and/or Mitt Romney in power, or public office together! The average person has no clue of the force behind that! Besides, “I love President Obama, and the Gorgeous First Lady.” Suck it up!   “May the First Lady win in 2016!”                           I’m a Feminist and am damn proud of it!~KK

Back to the “Melaleuca complication plan” (I’ll cover more of that other farce later) Next, I documented Melaleuca’s deceptive [Residual Income Claims]  i.e. Check Copies, reports etc. Here’s what I proved about Mela’s [RBI™] scheme. If you don’t “Pander” to the Recruiting-Requirements” your so-called  “Residual Income” from your Matrix, MLM-group, downline~tree  will go to “0”Yup, a BIG FAT “0″ In 90 days or less. My commission check’s dropped from around $7,500.00 monthly to well-under $200 hundred monthly,. In other words, “you can’t stop recruiting. Infact it’s mathematically impossible for most (ME’s) to hit the executive and/or corporate positions!  (“Hello!”) “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid!”

Facts are facts, and if you stop recruiting… your “Non-recruit-income™/ residual” will likely not  cover your product orders regardless of the size of your Mela-business. CHECK IT!… Check your  [TRI™] true residual income.) Here’s how you CHECK IT! Stop recruiting for 90 days, I dare ya.. and if you “CHECK IT!…please come share, I coined it “NoRecruitNoPay™” However, you may be paid on your (PE’s)”Personal Enrollments” capped at $100.00 w/o recruiting-points™ in most cases. Refer to “Mela’s Compensation Plan”… aka  “The Complication Plan” I first heard the term at a melaleuca event. You can’t make this stuff up.

“Bottomline, at Melaleuca, you get paid for recruiting and helping others recruit! “Recruits=Pay!” #NoRecruitNoPay I truly don’t understand how Melaleuca…. flies under the radar on this issue? What a travesty of justice – Hence, complete sham! Think it’s the “We’re not MLM” fairy-dust portal… that keeps Melaleuca in compliance, and under the radar… or soft-money, you decide? Maybe it’s Trolls?

 I pray the FTC, investigates my concerns…. and resolve this sham once and for all! FTC *how many people do you have to recruit? “You drinking the Kool-Aid?” 🙂 


Wait, there’s more… around three months after I documented Melaleuca’s [TRI™]  I got canned with a phone call from “alan pariser” (note lower case) Get this, “pariser” had the nerve to threaten me with a restraining order! Symbolic of Melaleuca’s culture… Again, don’t take my word for it, CHECK IT!~> Melaleuca Restraining Orders <~ don’t be shy go for it! 

For the record; I was losing close family and friends – begging them desperately and repeatedly to reup.. recycling is “common practice in the point for pay” or/ NoRecruitNoPay mela-comp-plan.However, gotta pander to the point scheme or lose your check!” want a blatant sham!And you can’t imagine how dreadful the thought of recruiting and/or exposing new blood into “A” culture  you despise can be! Get this – if your recruits bail or drop-out within 90 days – Melaleuca takes your recruiting points away! …yup, seriously, it’s complete madness! The reality is, you could be required to enroll six new recruits or more in some months to get paid fully on your MLM downline… depending on how many recruits you lose in any given month…You can’t make this stuff up!  Three letters… #FTC one word Intervention!  “You have a billion dollar MLM hurting, destroying, crushing, misleading, unsuspecting souls, and using false profits to attract new recruits into a web of lies!” Check it! 

Good hearted people from all walks of life are being recruited under false and misleading pretenses… Meaning with bogus, misleading claims, statements of pure HOG_WASH! “Like, Melaleuca isn’t part of the MLM web. “People feel foolish when they show up to a event only to realize it’s just another MLM sham, glittered up with a luring, twisted, misleading agenda of recruiting them into a MLM scheme. “Facts are Facts and Melaleuca is indeed a MLM~KK   Check it  ( I was tricked into a Melaleuca MLM meeting presentation!)                                                       1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7  8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. >>~>

I have never heard a Melaleuca presentation covering the “NoRecruitNoPay™” recruiting points scheme ever! Oh no, contraire.. It’s all glittered up with fairy~dust, razzle~dazzle, smoke, mirrors, and illusions of retiring with residual income and security! Three letters… #FTC three words “protect the people!America’s Top 100 Land Owners #94 *Champions of the little guy… Check it! Take away from the “little-guys so you have more soft money for your buddies! That’s the way I see it.  “Truth in Advertising, What ever happened to it?”  Melaleuca v. Clark

Wait there’s more… Melaleuca, Inc. published a booklet showcasing glossy pictures of folks like myself “No Permissions Granted” Showing status advancements…And in some cases, like mine, multiple advancements. “The Grand Illusion” of our time! All staged  to showcase how, wonderful, amazing, and of course a showing of Frank’s VanderSloot’s, huge, giving, and generous soul. Pure fabrication, and pure lunacy may I add… Check it here, and please note “IME’s / independent marketing executives, “referred to as employees” When I first saw this “Advancement Sham Publication” (ASP)… I knew they had egg all over their faces. Clearly a jump into deep,dark, frigid waters… and, it would indeed come back full circle and expose Melaleuca for their a foolish and reckless, deceptive marketing practices, Justice is waiting. Huge contractual breach!  FTC Truth in Advertising! I’ll take it a step further… Melaleuca, Inc. had breached my contract prior to this publication going into play! In other words… it violated my rights… forget the fact for a minute that the “New advancement showcase booklet is a complete sham!” Melaleuca, Inc. put myself and many other ME’s as the faces of their shameless sham, scheme… unconscionable? Indeed! You can’t make this stuff up! “Arrogance and greed at its finest” ~KK   “A bucket of new enrollments”   “The Assault on Workers’ Freedom”

I never use thee “I” in (IME) it’s  a big fat lie…Your Independents is lost – not gained in the “NoRecruitNoPay™farce.  And to this day Melaleuca has gotten away with it all! The shame and sham runs deep! Check it! “I pray for relief for the little guys. ~KK

See Frank Vandersloot’s  new comp plan presentation here ~> Super duper comp plan changes  I was smart enough to understand Melaleuca breached our contract with his shameless sham. I never cashed Frank’s checks after that despicable act.                                 (I call it the “BIG MELA BANG™”We made Frank vanderSloot one of the wealthiest men in the world… and are reward is Melaleuca’s manipulation and/or leveraging our own legal system to molest us of our dignity and constitutional rights! “That’s how I see it – and I’m on point!  ~KK  (CHECK IT!)

Get this.. recently Melaleuca made ruthless, despicable, targeted and aggressive changes to the “complication plan” essentially pirating the plan, striping it of it’s promised rewards, “effectively taking from the little-guy” and giving to the players,…and the guys at the top of the “MLM pyramid structure” Many of us (ME’s) marketing executives either had to scramble and roundup new recruits, and/or directors,”customers with eight customers” or our recruiting checks would be cut – in half or more in many cases. What’s even more insane and deceptive then that fact is ‘Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca, and his management team fed it to the field as a epic enhancement, Right! Truth be told the changes were nothing more then robbing Peter to pay Paul… Petter, being the noncompliant, (ME) whom just may need to turn down the recruiting and/or may no longer have the belief, will or desire to recruit like a machine gone wild. And of course age, health, various illnesses are real and limiting factors as  well… Bottomline, this was indeed  the “Tipping-Point” for me… I decided at that moment I wouldn’t be drinking the Kool-Aid any longer. I never cashed a Mela-check after that day – My pandering days for Frank, and his MLM/ Scheme Melaleuca are over! (90 days later my residual income had dropped to “0” on a two million dollar plus annual business. The only good part of it all –  I documented everything along the way… Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca, alan pariser, and the management machine all practice deceptive, misleading, ruthless, cunning business practices.  Rotten? you better believe it!  Check it! (39: Idaho: Frank VanderSloot: $1.2 billion – CEO of Melaleuca)   (39: Idaho: Frank VanderSloot: $1.2 billion – CEO of Melaleuca)  “Others see it differently”  

amway5x5-matrix-mlm-compensation-plan1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7  8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. >>~>

AfterI was terminated viaphone call by “alan pariser” Frank’s golden-boy henchman of sorts.  btw – Melaleuca denies this fact of course… real shocker!  Melaleuca, stopped my $123.00  “NoRecruitNoPay” checks, and continued hitting my bank account for BOGUS fees relating to the Melaleuca business… i.e, International fees and reports, so.. I called my bank which happens to be Melaleuca’s bank i.e., Wells Fargo, and filed a formal complaint. The following day, Wells Fargo sided with me and credited my account back for two separate charges. However, Melaleuca. Inc. hit my account a third time! So of course I had to jump through all the hoops again.., call Wells Fargo, and melaleuca a second time, I was livid!  You can’t make this stuff up.. ‘Ridiculous’ all *Documented With “Wells Fargo” and Melaleuca. CHECK IT..TWICE.. and don’t drink the Kool-Aid! :)’ ~e~ Melaleuca bank charge complaints. 

footnote; alan pariser is at the top of MLM/ Matrix/scheme and/or very close to the top… I believe it’s safe to say pariser never loses… he always gets the “Rollup Gravy” Check it!”

“When “alan pariser” called and terminated me… I said to him; does this mean I don’t get my $123.00 checks any more? 😉   He got cute about it all… however, That was how I felt and I told him so! He doesn’t like “Old School Thinkers” like me to expose his hogwash in public and/or replace it with truth and facts! “Pariser is intelligent and dumb all at the same time. I see him as a “Me-Me troll”  After I called “alan” out he went on a childish rant ” you did this to yourself…you could of had that $10’000’00 monthly residuals for life.” Quack, Quack, Quack…!!!  Again, you can’t make this stuff up! I’m just not that good at fiction.. Albeit, I am a great student, and I have a great sense of Quackery… So, then I asked “pariser” if he understood  the fact that he was aiding in the violation of human rights and possibly rico statutes?

However, “pariser sees things differently [$$] Of course, then he tossed in the “hush-code” –     I’ll have to get a restraining order on you if you cause trouble for me.” Basically what he was doing is setting up ‘Big Franky, and his attorneys for the kill >>~>Should I be a                             non-compliant Terminated Bad Defector!…That’s when I said ‘God Bless you, told him to delete me from his phone, (“Well after I told him he had no soul”) I deleted his despicable, mangy “Wise-Ass” and haven’t made contact with him since. “alan pariser” once told me that his father hates MLM and Melaleuca. And his father believes Melaleuca is nothing but a Scam…”Put me on a put me on a  polygraph …. no concerns whatsoever!  Integrity is my most valuable and cornerstone trait.  That was very telling alan’s father. “My personal belief is; – “alan pariser” is likely the most Pretentious, Arrogant, Troll I have ever met. ~KK  

 In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. ~Albert Einstein

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill

“I pray for just relief… and may the Feds discover for themselves what’s really going on.   at Melaleuca, Inc.” …  Meaning in part “NoRecruitNoPay™”    Isn’t that a clue? ~KK

                                                              il_fullxfull.210009141 (1)

“People say you can get in but you can never get out. And that Melaleuca sues you with your own money! Think about it… Melaleuca sues it’s own distributors, when they’ve had enough and leave. Most go to competing, and/or came from MLM’s, why? it’s simple, Melaleuca is a “MLM”  that’s what they know and have mastered!  Frank VanderSloot, battles to strip defectors of our rights, and silence the weary. Truth is, he get’s away with it because he has deep pockets from people like me whom he destroys with his shameless, hurtful, brutal – practices.  And Melaleuca’s line up of attorneys is politically connected and have a very long reach!  “So few are free to go and/or expose the truth.  CHECK it.. I made it easy for you ~> Melaleuca lawsuits discrimination, complaints, harassments, denies all ties to MLM, Melaleuca silences it’s criticsMelaleuca RipOff Report“you’re Owned”

Keynote; The travesty of injustices that Melaleuca has gotten away with clearly exemplifies the over reaching and the abusing of our legal system, Sad truth is – the very system in place to protect us, Frank VanderSloot leverages to cripple and silence us ‘defectors, very effectively indeed! nothing like calling on you buddies… and other Corporate tools to silence the “little guy”  The MLM injustice machine must be demobilized as a matter of our childrens futures and freedoms!  VanderSloot, himself quoted it best about MLMs “The guy at the top always wins and the guy at the bottom always loses.” ~Frank Vandersloot  (Quote)

My guess is, any 3rd grader could distinguish the difference  between a traditional business model and a “MLM”multi-level marketing scheme. So I ask the FTC. to consider that concept and classify Melaleuca properly…as the  MLM pay scheme it is…Thus, not allowing further misrepresentation and/or misleading of the public by coining it’s MLM compensation scheme something other then the MLM it is…calling it anything other then MLM is pure hogwash…. And deceptive as well!   ‘Veil Of Deception 


Respectfully  ~KK© 02/09/2015 9:11 pm.  rev. 12:40 pm

Word of the day, Malfeasance… Check it!                                                                                                                     1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 . 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. >>~>


Update “Melaleuca, lies” When pariser terminated me with [The Phone Call].. I was on speaker phone… and (I have witness to his words) and conversations. Just a another Whitewash, and he’s still preaching the same old Residual Income Tales! I swear to god, I never received a letter from Melaleuca. See Melaleuca’s lame, ridiculous, (SLOPPY)response via  BBB regarding my complaint!” I do admit to the earnings, albeit huge expenses and cost of doing business “i.e., Pandering to the “Complication-Plan™” reality is much less of a grand love story.

“Stellar is less then common practice in the mela-camp.”~KK  “Check it!” you decide?  everyone should do their own ‘Due diligence!,

I pray “The FED’s/FTC/FBI” look seriously into Melaleuca’s business practices!  “alan pariser” is a master of whitewashing, delivering, and believing his own hogwash. I have all parisers recruiting materials from day one..Quack, Quack, Quack… I coined Melaleuca’s pay scheme – [RBI™] recruiting based income. “NoRecruitNoPay™90 days to “0” all glittered up with fairy~dust and false hopes for a better future! “The Mela-club keeps changing people, and I got news for ya … you ain’t ever gonna be in it! ~KK

Go sell your “MLM” residual income tales mela-peddlers, and do sleep well my friends.” ~KK

btw  *Ask Frank VanderSloot and/or his management team about the “LGBT” couple
in our the “MLM  DOWNLINE Matrix” from Northern California. Every year for years these ladies were shammed to tears because they were denied their basic rights to be on stage together because they are “gay” You can’t make this stuff up! >>~> Apparently many of the Melaleuca leaders like myself are painfully aware of this injustice. However, Frank VanderSloot, and his management team seem to be obvious and/or are in complete denial of the true nature of their own discriminating  practices!  “It’s time truth prevail in the land of the free!” Check it!  http://www.salon.com/2012/02/1… Unreal! Do your own thinking here.

Now, if you’re a bigot go watch your “Fox-news.” On the other hand, “If you truly care about this country and the future of this country?” Get involved! And trust me, I’ll be on BigFrank’s…    defector hit-list for standing tall and exercising my “First Amendment Rights” and by hit list… I’m talking about Frank and/or his company Melaleuca’s ongoing mission to“silencing the whistleblowers” one way or another! “The Green Machine and it’s attorneys will strike again ~: “However, I have a public duty, as our government does. I trust in truth. I must expose truth, as per my “Oath of Enlistment Demands.” And I have unwavering resolve to protect and serve others from the path and suffering that Melaleuca inflicts upon its followers and/or defectors. My family and many other families have suffered long and hard pandering to a controlling, Greed-Machine that can never feed enough, or inflict enough misery upon one’s “soul-taking” everything promised along the way! Melaleuca bleeds a person out of the financial security they sell you on, and promised, under the guise of giving back… as well as a bigger, better, brighter, and more security future, “for all that follow and obey.”  Kama has indeed come full circle people… and it’s here to stay! Not even Frank’s bought and paid for politicians can broom this “obvious train wreck of runaway injustice…under the Idaho rug. “I call for the Federal Swiffer~Sweeper.. to clean this travesty of a mockery of justice sham up!.  I laid it all out here… ABC… a third grader could “get iT”  Call me overzealous. However, I see it as.., yep, I’m gonna say it! “White Collar Crime.”  ~KK

I’ll take my case to the President of the United States “Where it belongs” As a matter of fact, consider this a formal request.” Justice needs you on this one Mr. President! ~KK:)    That’s the way I roll!  And speaking of “Rolling Stone” I’m a fan!“Testify” 

(I’m on call, Mr. President… 24/7

Thank God we live in Nevada”Work place privacyNavada anti-slap statueNV Independent Contractors ComplianceWorkers CompensationNevada Consumer protection

 Be true to what you said on paper! MLK  


February 2, 2015 ~>Below is Melaleuca’s response to my “BBB” complaint – also, the BBB denied my complaint as being Not Relevant – BBB Serving the Snake River Region (Boise, ID) 425 N. Capital Idaho Falls, ID 83401 Phone: (208)342-4649 Fax: (208)342-5116 Email: info@boise.bbb.org Web: www.boise.bbb.org


Better Business Bureau
Attn: Samantha Gillihan
420 Memorial Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Re: Ken Klocke, Case #10405883

Dear Ms. Gillihan:
We recently received a notice from your office regarding a concern expressed by Ken Klocke.Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us the opportunity to respond.

Mr. Klocke enrolled as an Independent Marketing Executive in January 1998 and remained a Marketing Executive until his voluntary resignation in 2014. During that period, Melaleuca paid Mr. Klocke a total of $2,176,861 in commissions. Melaleuca’s Independent Marketing Executive Agreement entitled Mr. Klocke to receive commissions as long as he abided by Melaleuca’s Statement of Policies.

In May 2014, Melaleuca received allegations and documentation that Mr. Klocke was attempting to recruit Melaleuca Customers and Marketing Executives to another business venture, which is a violation of Policy 20 of Melaleuca’s Statement of Policies. On May 22, 2014, Melaleuca’s Policy Administration sent Mr. Klocke a letter notifying him of the allegations and requested his response to those allegations. To date, Melaleuca has never received a response from Mr. Klocke about the allegations. Instead, rather than respond, on June 18, 2014, Mr. Klocke simply submitted his voluntary resignation. (A copy of Mr. Klocke’s resignation letter is attached for reference.) Melaleuca complied with Mr. Klocke’s request and cancelled his account.

In light of Mr. Klocke’s voluntary resignation, Policy Administration did not proceed with any investigation of potential contract or policy violations. Mr. Klocke’s customer account has remained inactive since June 2014. To our knowledge, Mr. Klocke has never tried to contact Melaleuca since then. Until your notice informing us of his complaint, we were unaware that Mr. Klocke had any concerns. Since receiving your notice, Melaleuca has tried to reach out several times to Mr. Klocke to learn more about his concerns. To date, he has not answered or returned any of our calls.

Some of Mr. Klocke’s allegations in his complaint to the BBB are puzzling to us. For example, his assertion that Alan Pariser terminated him simply cannot be true. We know  Mr. Pariser is an Independent Marketing Executive in good standing with Melaleuca. But Mr. Pariser has never been an employee of Melaleuca and could never have had authorization to terminate Mr. Klocke. Since Mr. Klocke has not returned our phone calls to date we have been unable to learn any more about that allegation. To our knowledge Mr. Klocke simply resigned.  (ap) aka (shill) “One for the record books” ~KK

 (So pariser should be terminated and/penalized for terminating me! acting as a employee without proper authority – clearly misrepresenting Melaleuca, with selfish intent!)

 ” A source of mine informed me that the plot and fashion behind “alan pariser’s” (Sloppy) termination of me was self-serving, you see “Terminating me/ in the fashion they did… allowed “alan- pariser” to retain me as a personal enrollment for one year… thus allowing “pariser” to count me as a personal enrollment towards his next advancement earning him a $300’000.00 + advancement check! And of course allowing Melaleua, Inc. the opportunity to showcase “Their Glitter boy” at the 2014 international convention…. receiving said $300,000.00 bonus check “creating an illusion of success, grandeur,and doability….Misleading a sea of spellbound “wannabes” In fact, “alan pariser” has a history of such activity…, he and Melaleuca have staged such “Grand Illusions before, meaning “The Golden Boy” has been allowed to count  past terminations in prior advancements…. isn’t that special!  Three letters “FTC” one word “Investigation

Now, ‘Mr Wayne Billman, Sir’… Mr. Director of Customer Care and Business Development “Doesn’t that scenario fit the facts a whole lot better?!? And with all due respect, Wayne… Frank, breached my contract when he and Melaleuca molested the compensation plan, stripping its promised value at five directors, at Senior Director! Furthermore, I never signed into your,farce, scheme, manipulated-variable ploy of funds, scheme.. meaning, I cashed none of my big $100-200 recruiting checks after that blatant molestation of promised benefits. Check your facts, check them twice! “Save you insults for someone that just rolled off the haywaggon. “I may be a dyslexic of sorts… but I ain’t your fool.”

 And of course.. Wayne Wayne Billman,Sir… your “glitter boy” (ap) would never do wrong with his stellar reputation! How many “OTHER” terminated souls/businesses did your “star-child” benefit from with his last “$300’000.00 Advancement?” ~KK                                                                          “A fox should not be on the jury at a goose’s trial.”
~Thomas Fuller

pariser and Melaleuca have wrongfully benefited off the backs of other good souls that have been wrongfully terminated and/or driven out of Melaleuca one way or another as well!  Check it!”   “They know who they are and so do I.” ~KK                                                                       “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley

Frank VanderSloot quoted it well ” The guy at the top always wins and the guy at the bottom always loses.”   Indeed Sir. you would know!                                                                                                                1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7  8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.>>~>


page 2 of 2 of Melaleuca, reply to BBB

His voluntary resignation was the only response that we have received to the allegations that he had breached Melaleuca’s policy. Had he disputed the allegations, Melaleuca would have done a complete review and investigation of the facts before taking any disciplinary action.

We have reached out on several occasions to contact Mr. Klocke to discuss any potential resolution to any legitimate concerns he may have. To date, Mr. Klocke has failed to respond to us in any way. If you have any further questions, you may contact Melaleuca.

Sincerely, “Wayne Billman”
Director of Customer Care and Business Development

btw, “Wayne Billman” Ask your golden boy… what happened to my enroller Dave Rizzo? Hmmm… David, just quietly went away… no good buy or nothing!    “10g fact or fiction?” wonder if David got a 1099…? 

Let me (KK) clear things up here. I called Melaleuca and disputed the bogus fees charged by them and I made it crystalclear that after I was terminated by “alan pariser” via phone…that it was unconscionable that Melaleuca continue to hit my account for bogus charges. Melaleuca records all calls so it will be interesting to see if those specific calls are on record? Also not once did the phone agent deny I was terminated!  I sense a “Whitewash” in progress here.

Furthermore, I called Melaleuca on the first of February 2015 and was on the phone for a lengthy time… I asked if anyone from Melaleuca was trying to contact me? because I had a missed Melaleuca-call  on my caller id … She “the customer service rep put me on hold for several minutes… came back and said; sorry sir I can’t find anything here in customer service. I suggested several things like… check with the legal department, I was put on hold again… she came back, ‘sorry sir I can’t find anything here! Well, well, well…. ain’t that something! Quackery, Wackery, Duck… they have more holes in their story then I can keep track of! “Whitewash”and I’d love a three-way call with “The golden boy… I want to personally hear him  perjure, lie, and try to whitewash the truth about his terminating me via phone call.              *“Unscrupulous? Of course!”  “Network records separate truth from fiction”~KK                                  Apparently Melaleuca believes it’s immune from digital-dna?

Note: I did terminate my customer account a month or two later after “alan pariser – terminated  me “ONLY BECAUSE OF BOGUS, continual charges to my account for – International fees, monthly report fees by Melaleuca. I stated in my termination letter that I was resigning my customer account under duress and without prejudice!! “One thing holds true… Melaleuca has it’s own rule-book!  Check it!   “Documentation trumps fiction every time.”~KK                                       1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 Trademark Category > Advertising, Business & Retail Services > CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING Search nearby Search nearby Get FREE email alerts Get Map, Directions, and Reviews Get map and directions Submit Ken K. RatingRatingRatingRatingRating – posted on 2/21/2015 5:46:47 PM “CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING” is a Frank VanderSloot and his company- Melaleuca’s way of whitewashing the fact that Melaleuca is a MLM.Multi-level Marketing Company. I coined Melaleuca a (RBO™) Recruiting Based Organization. NoRecruitNoPay™ CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING By: Melaleuca, Inc. tweet it Tweet Logo Share on Facebook association services namely, promoting independent sales representatives in the field of dietary and nutritional food supplements, household cleaners, soaps, laundry products, personal care products and cosmetics through the distribution of printed, audio and video promotional materials and by rendering promotional sales advice Perfect for these industries Words that describe this logo Advertising, Business & Retail Services association services promoting independent sales representatives field dietary nutritional food supplements household cleaners soaps laundry products personal care products cosmetics distribution This is a brand page for the CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING trademark by Melaleuca, Inc. in Idaho Falls, ID, 83402. Write a review about a product or service associated with this CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING trademark. Or, contact the owner Melaleuca, Inc. of the CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING trademark by filing a request to communicate with the Legal Correspondent for licensing, use, and/or questions related to the CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING trademark. On Monday, June 02, 2003, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING by Melaleuca, Inc., Idaho Falls, ID 83402. The USPTO has given the CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING trademark serial number of 76532256. The current federal status of this trademark filing is SECTION 8 & 15-ACCEPTED AND ACKNOWLEDGED. The correspondent listed for CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING is MELALEUCA, INC. of 3910 S. YELLOWSTONE HIGHWAY, IDAHO FALLS, ID 83402, . The CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING trademark is filed in the category of Advertising, Business & Retail Services . The description provided to the USPTO for CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING is association services namely, promoting independent sales representatives in the field of dietary and nutritional food supplements, household cleaners, soaps, laundry products, personal care products and cosmetics through the distribution of printed, audio and video promotional materials and by rendering promotional sales advice. CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING” is a Frank VanderSloot and his company- Melaleuca’s way of whitewashing the fact that Melaleuca is a MLM.Multi-level Marketing Company. I coined Melaleuca a (RBO™) Recruiting Based Organization. NoRecruitNoPay™ ” I post this as a consumer protection notice.” ~KK” href=”http://www.trademarkia.com/consumer-direct-marketing-76532256.html” target=”_blank”>. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. >>~>


Now, let’s talk about my *BBB complaint and their response! “We have closed this complaint as invalid.” Surprise, surprise, surprise…SMH! “shaking my head” “Go sell your Ratings-,” we aren’t MLM, fiction!” We need the #FTC to decide if Melaleuca is misleading the public with the tales of we aren’t  MLM “Respectfully ~KK  (get MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson’s professional point of view on the subject of why Melaleuca “is” indeed a MLM!How others feel about Melaleuca not being MLM.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” – Albert Einstein.  “Melaleuca claiming to not be “MLM” is no small matter.” ~KK

————————————————————————————————————————————BBB/Melaleuca response. 

Dear Ken Klocke:

This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 1/15/2015 10:03:48 PM against Melaleuca, Inc.  Your complaint was assigned ID 10405883.

After careful review, the BBB has determined that there was no marketplace interaction with this business warranting a complaint that falls within our purview. Therefore, we have closed this complaint as invalid.

I  (KK) would truly demand transparency on how many other “credible” BBB-Mela-complaints are broomed under the rug as not credible?

If you wish to pursue this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Samantha Gillihan

“I was in disbelief of the BBB’s response so,  I decided to investigate the BBB – here’s some of what I discovered. BBB_Ripoff ReportTerror group gets “A” RATING! Don’t wast your breath with these folks.  I  (KK) give the bbb a -UF grade!  “UF meaning… unethical fail”  Funny, the bbb has upped Melaleuca’s “Standing to a 4.9” recently, since I filed my formal complaint! You just can’t make this stuff up people!  

I told a buddy of mine I was going to report Melaleuca to the BBB “Snake River Region” he laughed and said, ” Frank owns those guys… I laughed too. My buddies right! Meaning…they would never step on Big Franky’s toes! And, Melaleuca’s a good long standing “Paying- customer… i.e., bought and paid for “fair-dust-evaluation-scheme”  “is the BBB a Fraud?”         aka   “The-troll-reports”  

*Protect the people

Are you drinking the KOOL-AID?  “Go Sell Your Dream!” Respectfully. ~KK:)

Ken Klocke © 2015 All Rights *Revised  01/014/2015  

  1. based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.
    “his mealtimes were entirely arbitrary”
“Melaleuca – Not [MLM] Multi-Level Marketing? Change The Facts.”

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