Melaleuca – Check it!

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My “TEAM” built a Multi-Million-Dollar + business with Melaleuca, Inc. Truth is – I grew very tired of the [Complication- Plan™] and-The-Culture” Then, I documented* Melaleuca’s- [Residual Income Claims] i.e. Check Copies/Commission Statements – Here’s what I proved, ‘with documents, .. i.e. Check Copies. If you don’t “PANDER”.. to the “Recruiting-Requirements” Your [So-Called] “RESIDUAL INCOME” of your Matrix, MLM-Group, downline~tree, will go to “0” Yup… a BIG FAT “0” My check’s went from around $7,500.00 monthly – to-Well-Under $200 hundred! In other words “If you STOP- RECRUITING… your mela-checks may…

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Melaleuca – Check it!

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