My Melaleuca Story…


Ken Klocke [KK© 2015] All Rights Reserved

The First Amendment (Amendment I) Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression Establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Check It! >>~>…

My “TEAM” built a Multi-Million-Dollar + business with Melaleuca, Inc. Truth is – I grew very tired of the [Complication- Plan] Then, I documented* Melaleuca’s- [Residual Income Claims] i.e. Check Copies/Commission Statements – Here’s what I proved, ‘with documents, .. i.e. Check Copies. If you don’t “PANDER”.. to the “Recruiting-Requirements” Your “So-Called “RESIDUAL-INCOME” of your Matrix, MLM-Group, downline~tree, will go to “0” Yup… a BIG FAT “0” My check’s went from around $7,500.00 monthly to-Well-Under $200 hundred! In other words “If you STOP- RECRUITING… your mela-checks may not even cover your product orders – regardless of the size of your business. CHECK IT!… “good luck with retirement… People beg and family & friends … every “Month-End” gotta pander to those Points/Recruit or someone’s gonna get your hard earned CASH!

Frank VanderSloot, quoted it best ~ “The guy at the top always wins and the guy on the bottom always loses.”Check it!  >>~>“MELALEUCA’S BUSINESS MODEL” <~<<  Truth be told, I agree with Frank!

Check your >>~> (TRI™)TRUE-RESIDUAL-INCOME. Here’s how you, CHECK IT! Stop recruiting for “90- days, I dare ya!” And if you “CHECK IT!…please come share…!” I coined it...”NoRecruitNoPay™And/Or “0” in “90”

However, you may be paid on  “Personal Enrollments”  Capped at $100.00 – with out Leadership/Recruiting points.

Wait, there’s more…!
After I documented Melaleuca’s [TRI™] “True-Residual-Income” I got canned with a phone call from “alan pariser”… get this, then, “pariser”– had the NERVE to – Threaten me with a Restraining Order! Symbolic of Melaleuca..again, don’t take my word for it… CHECK IT!   ‘Google >>~> Melaleuca Restraining Orders<~<< don’t be shy – go for it.’

So, for our 16 years of loyalty……………. I got canned with a phone for “alan pariser” my Mela-enroller…. well, after my first enroller quietly went away…”Dave Rizzo, ‘Went away…. hmmmm” SMH! I picked that one up from a Wise Man.) And, O’ so many go away… reminds me on that tune – One Way Or Another”  Integrity, Check it.. Check it twice!

Melaleuca, Inc. Continued hitting my account for fees relating to “The Business”.So.. I called my bank, which happens to be Melaleuca’s bank “i.e.” Wells Fargo, filed a complaint….Wells Fargo, sided with me and credited my account. However, Melaleuca. Inc. hit my account a third time! ‘So of course, I had to jump through all the hoops a second time. You can’t make this stuff up.. ‘Ridiculous’ “All *Documented With “Wells Fargo”  CHECK IT..CHECK IT TWICE!. ~e~ “I pray The Feds concern themselves with what’s really going on at Melaleuca,Inc.” ~KK

“People say you can get in – but, you can never get out. Think about it….                  ~e~
>>~>Checkout Melaleuca,Inc.Melaleuca-Lawsuits <~<<
>>~>Checkout Melaleuca-Complaints<~<<

alan pariser,  promised “Build it once and walk away…. RIGHT!…. Walk away residual income…RIGHT!

“All You “Mela-Dream-Peddlers” Go sell your, ‘Residual-Income-Tales’ ~ “Respectfully, #ExecutiveDirector5  #PresidentsClub1999   *So much more to explore. However, we’ll save for another day.

“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning”. —James Russell

>>~> KK©2015 All Rights Reserved<~<<  [Whistleblower Protection Act]

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.~Albert Einstein

My Melaleuca Story…

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